In the restaurant and the lobby bar you can spend your time in a hot afternoon for a cold drink in the evening and delicious romantic dinner, a hearty breakfast or lunch.

The Restaurant has 120 seats and lobby bar with summer terrace with 40 seats.

Thanks to the skills of our chefs, you can try the full range of Bulgarian national cuisine, traditional drinks, fish and meat dishes on the grill, a special deeticheskoe and vegetarian menus. Freshly baked pastries, traditional Banicza /with cheese/ croissant with various fillings: chocolate, jam, cheese, and cheese, a variety of pizza, that's what makes your children happy.

We offer a large variety of fresh salads and fruit dishes, desserts and ice cream.

If you have any special requests, tell our manager and we'll cook for you your favorite dishes.

If you want to spend time in our restaurant with friends, we will find you a special set menu.

Every day, you are special events; organize wine tastings, local grape brandy and beer, ice cream and pancakes.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our cocktail menu.

Bon Appetite!

Thank You for preferring us!